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Rutgers Business School

Alumni Association

R U a Rutgers Business School Alum?

All graduates of Rutgers Business School are automatically members of RBSAA and RBSAA does not collect dues. RBSAA is a community that is 40,000 members strong - and growing. 

Being part of the Rutgers Business School community doesn't stop at graduation.


Latest News & Events

From career webinars to tailgates, cocktail parties, and more...check out our upcoming events. 


Pay It Forward

RBSAA provides much-needed scholarships. Learn about past recipients and discover how you can change a student's life with your contribution. 


Career Resources

RBSAA provides support for the career development of RBS alumni and assists RBS career services with activities for students.


Our Purpose

The Rutgers Business School Alumni Association is dedicated to extending the value of a Rutgers Business School education by

  • Providing professional and social activities that contribute to the personal and professional development of alumni.

  • Providing support including, but not limited to, financial support to the Rutgers Business School and its students.

  • Encouraging the enhancement of the quality of education at the Rutgers Business School by furnishing assistance in connection with admissions, awards, career services and contact with faculty members, etc.

  • Educating alumni about the affairs of the Rutgers Business School in order to strengthen their ties to the School, and by

  • Offering advice and recommendations to the Rutgers Business School.

Our history

The Rutgers Business School Alumni Association (RBSAA) was organized in the fall of 1948 to promote the welfare of the school, foster the interests and friendship of the members, and advance the cause of business higher education in the State of New Jersey.


To extend the value of our Rutgers Business Education.

Chartered Status

The Rutgers Business School Alumni Association is officially recognized as a Chartered Alumni Organization by the Rutgers University Alumni Association. The RBSAA is a registered non-profit 501 C (3).

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